HOLI Collection

Kvinna med många ringar med halvädelstenar i olika färger. Woman with many rings with semi precious stones in various colours.


The HOLI collection is an exciting cooperation between the Swedish brand MoM of Sweden and the manufacturer DWARKAS in Jaipur. The Collection is Scandinavian minimalistic, fused with the colors, happiness, and joy of India. The HOLI collection is made with the passion and quality of Indian craftsmanship! 

HOLI is a Hindu festival to celebrate spring, love and the victory of good over evil, also known as the "Festival of colors", or the "Festival of spring". 

The HOLI Collection symbolizes the colorful Hindu festival with 9 various semi-precious stones, in two color palettes. Soft pastels for spring/ summery tones and warm dark colors for autumn/ wintery tones.

The collection has a great mix of rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings so you can mix and match to create your own personal look.

All jewelry available in silver (925) or gold plated. 

HOLI Collection has just been launched at Precious Jewellery fair in Stockholm and we are looking for vendors! If you would like to be a vendor, see more information below.

The list of shops who sell the HOLI collection will be updated frequently.

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HOLI coming to the below vendors soon...

 This list will be updated frequently


Guld och Silversmedjan

V Mårtensgatan 8C

223 51 Lund


Gullsmykket Holmensentret

Vogellund 6

1394 Nesbru


 Do you want to be a vendor?

For any queries, price and range information, please contact HOLI@momofsweden.com 

See the HOLI folder HERE, the complete range list is available HERE

Två kninnor med massor med ringar i olika stenar och färger. Women with many rings in various colours and stones.

Två händer med massa ringar i olika färger och stenar. Two hands with many various stones and colors.

Kvinna med olika berlocker och hängen i olika längder av halsband. Woman with various pendants in various chaines and necklaces.