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Stor silverbrosch på kavajslag. Big silver brooch on a jacket.
Stor silverbrosch på blus. Big silver brooch on a blouse.
Silverbrosch med form av ett musselskal. Big silver brooch
Stor säkerhetsnål i silver. Big safety pin in silver

The brooch is back, finally!

The brooch has truly been a forgotten piece of jewelry for many years. I believe many of us have a brooch in the drawer inherited from a grandmother that used it far more on their outfits. It's for sure an underestimated jewelry.

We think it's time to start using the brooch again!

A silver brooch can easily pimp any outfit and so easy to put on to change your look.

Check out the big safety pin in silver. Perfect for closing the sweater or fixing the shawl. I used it last summer to close my open skirt. You can also use it as brooch, of course, hang on various pendant to make it more personal.

 Stor silverbrosch på sjal Big silver brooch on a shawl