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SISTER earrings, a tribute to sisterhood

silverörhängen med olika designs. silver earrings with various designs.

A tribute to all sisters and sisterhood

These earrings are available in three different versions so you can choose your favorite. 

We got the idea from our Indian Tuc Tuc driver who asked if we were sisters. We responded "no, but best friends", he responded; “Sister, sister but from a different mister!”  To all sisters or best friends. You get a small card in the box related to the sisterhood.

Longer earrings cannot be too heavy, the weight is adjusted so as not to weigh down the earlobe. The earrings are designed to cover stretched holes in the earlobes, but of course, works for all! The earrings are delivered with smart earrings closures that keep the earring in place so it does not tip forward, including relieves the weight o avoid stretched holes. Read more about it here.

Silverörhängen med två silverkulor. Silver earrings with two balls
Silverörhängen med cirkel. Silver earrings with a circle.
Silverörhängen med en rektangel. Silver earrings with a rectangle