BODY- smart earrings - MoM of Sweden

Smarta Silverörhängen med extrafunktion, smart silver earrings with extra function
Smarta silverörhängen, två i ett! Smart silver earrings, two variations!
Silverörhängen. Silver earrings
Stora silverörhängen. Big silver earrings and a long silver chain.

Silver earrings, two in one

BODY earrings can be used just as they are, simply gorgeous. They cover the whole earlobe. 

The earrings are designed to cover stretched holes in the earlobes, but of course, works for all! The earrings are delivered with smart earrings closures that keep the earring in place so it does not tip forward, including relieves the weight o avoid stretched holes. Read more about it here.

BODY is also the "body" for various pendants that you hang on, an easy way to change for a bigger earring. So you have two earrings in one, smart! Check out the movie below.

We have invented this construction and we're so proud!

Below pendants can only be used together with BODY.