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Measure your ring size - Size guide/rings

We have all ring sizes, big or small

We want that everyone should be able to wear our rings, regardless of size, we are for all!

That's why we carry about 13 various sizes in stock for our rings. There could be exceptions or temporarily out of stock. If your size is not available, you can order from us, contact us by mail and we arrange it.

What ring size do you have?

It could feel complex to buy a ring online if you're not certain of your ring size. But there are some methods that could be helpful for you to measure your ring size. Regardless of what method you use it is good to know that your fingers have various sizes during the day. During the morning the fingers are normally a bit thinner compare to the evening. Even the season matters, when it's warm outside, our fingers get bigger and opposite when it's cold. It could be good to measure a few times during the day to get an adequate result. Order our RING SIZE for a secure result, see below.

If you don't get the right ring size, we solve it with a new ring, as you have free delivery and free returns, no worries!

Your ring size

Below a guide with various alternatives to measure your ring size

At MoM of Sweden, we use sizes in mm diameter Ø. Some jewelry shops use the circumference. If you know your circumference, we have a simple conversion guide below.

1. Buy the perfect measuring tool with us. You just put on the measuring tool on your finger and adjust so it feels comfortable. You will see your fingers circumference in the small display window. Make sure to tighten as the ring need to sit tight on your finger. The measuring tool is made of plastic. Buy your RING SIZE here.

2. Go to a jewelry store to measure your ring size, they are very helpful.

3. Measure the diameter of a ring; Use a ring that you know will fit the finger you will use. Put the ring on a ruler or a measuring tape and measure the rings inside, from side to side on the widest spot. Consider that the width of the ring is as wide as the new ring. A thinner ring is more forgiving, see more below, "To think about when buying big heavy rings"

4. Measure the circumference of your finger; Cut a strip of paper, about 5 mm wide (1) and put it around your finger so the paper is crossed, make sure to tighten hard.  (2). Draw a line where the paper strips meet (3). Put the paper strip on a ruler and measure between the lines (4). Now you have the circumference of your finger. Use the conversion guide below to see the diameter in mm. You can also use a string.

Mät din ringstorlek, Meassure your ringsize
Mät din ringstorlek, Meassure your ringsize
Mät din ringstorlek, Meassure your ringsize
Mät din ringstorlek, Meassure your ringsize

To think about when buying big heavy rings.

We spend a lot of time to create the design of the rings comfortable to wear. The ring base is usually a bit wider and that requires a bit bigger size than you usually have, especially if the ring base is wider than 5mm.  It is important that a bigger and heavier ring sits tight, otherwise, the ring will move back and forward and that is not comfortable.

I often hear that a lot of women believe they don't fit in a bigger ring but you quickly get used to this, about one week.

A lot of our rings could be worn by both men and women, they are unisex! of course, we have bigger ring sizes as well. Most of our rings you can get in sizes up to 22 Ømm.

Is the ring too small? Is it stuck on your finger?

A lot of soap is simple to use, it also works great with hand lotion. If these methods do not work and the ring is really stuck, then the ring is definitely too small. Then it is important to either cut of the ring or seeks help from a doctor immediately as the finger will get more swollen.

Size guide - ring chart for rings

Here are simple conversion charts for ring sizes to see both the circumference and diameter, in mm. At MoM of Sweden, we have sizes every 5mm, eg. 17 - 17,5 - 18, etc. Choose the number closest to your size.

Size guide - US sizes to diameter in mm

If you're used to American ring sizes, see the conversion chart below. Here you can see the US size converted to diameter in millimeter. At MoM of Sweden, we have sizes every 5mm, eg. 17 - 17,5 - 18, etc. Choose the number closest to your US size.