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About us and our silver jewellery

Händer med många stora ringar. Hands with many big rings.

MoM of Sweden design big, bold and timeless jewelry - to wear every day and to love for life! The design is unique, often with organic shapes and soft forms, though a lot of attitudes! Inspiration is found in nature, architecture and meeting people. Our jewelry has a Scandinavian timeless design and our specialty are the big and bold silver rings

We care about sustainable fashion so you will never find trendy fashion jewelry by season with us. Quality, as well as the timeless design, is important so the jewelry can last a lifetime. We design one piece at the time and never collections, but our individual pieces can be mixed and matched together - MIX & MATCH.

Our jewelry is always made of silver, of course, recycled. 

"Jewellery is about self-expression, we all wear and choose them according to our taste and personality. In the end, jewelry becomes chameleon to the wearer, just like perfume can smell differently on different people. So it's not always about the jewelry itself, it's about YOU!" 

We want you to feel satisfied and unique every time you shop with us, as a customer, you are the most important for us. We always offer free shipping, free exchange, and free returns so you can feel safe.

If you been a customer of ours, we appreciate if you would like to give a product review. As a thank you, we offer you 10% on your next purchase.

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Marie and Maria (MoM) started MoM of Sweden 2015, friends for many years.

"We share the passion for big and timeless silver jewellery with clean and bold design."

MoM of Sweden was founded in 2015 by Marie and Maria, hence the name MoM. Friends for many years with a common passion for especially big rings with an attitude that they thought was very difficult to find. 

Both have a background within the design and interior design and have worked in leading positions, both internationally and in Sweden.

"We both had come to a phase in life when we felt it was time to seek new challenges, so the timing was perfect. It simply became the starting point for MoM of Sweden."

Today, Marie is the sole owner (together with her husband Mikael) and runs MoM of Sweden with both design and sales, as Maria has chosen to move on to new challenges.

¨We have left the city and moved to the countryside. We love it and we are living our dream. Our friends are often visiting us as well as our children and grandchildren. I get so inspired by the beautiful nature here, our garden, the sea, and the beach¨.

"My passion for silver jewellery started for over 30 years ago when I attended a jewellery course. I made the ring MAMA, with the shape of a breast when I was in the middle of a time of childbirth and breastfeeding. I got four children in five years so a lot of focus was on breasts and breastfeeding. I wanted to honor my breasts as a symbol of giving life including creating a powerful female symbol. Over time, the "hanging breast" MAMA was also added, for explanatory reasons:)

The ring MAMA including the hanging breast MAMA is in MoM of Swedens range, see the whole family here. By the time I also realised that breasts not only gives life, it also takes life. Today we are proud partners to the Swedish Breast cancer Foundation, read more here about our cooperation.

Marie is not formally trained as a silversmith, but due to courses and one year at the Academy of Jewelry while the family lived in Paris has given her extensive knowledge of the properties and moldability of silver. Today Marie is making all prototypes for MoM of Sweden's jewellery.


Sustainable fashion - Slow fashion, what do we mean?

  • Good quality, of course, silver where a part is recycled - ageing beautifully, just like us!
  • Timeless design - Jewelry to love for life
  • One piece of jewellery at the time - No seasonal jewellery
  • Few resellers - No big volumes
  • No cooperation with influencers - We like "ordinary" people
  • No SALE - This is what is costs

We care about sustainable fashion, or slow fashion as it's also called, but what do we mean with that?

We believe that it starts with good quality, married with a timeless design is a prerequisite for longlasting jewellery. We do not produce trendy fashion jewellery by season, nor at a fast pace. Our new products are rare but here to stay for a long time. 

We design one piece at the time, but our individual pieces can be worn together, MIX & MATCH: You can easily mix the jewellery to create new own expressions and combinations, therefore also last longer. 

We always use sterling silver as we think silver is a beautiful material that is ageing together with us. By the time, the silver jewellery will get scratches that creates a beautiful patinated surface, just like with us.;) Part of our silver is of course recycled.

Our ambition is not to be found with many resellers, we select our few partners with care. This means that our jewellery will not be produced in big volumes. This also means that we hope you feel a bit special and unique wearing our jewellery - unique jewellery that not so many others have.

We don't cooperate with influencers but we love publishing pictures that happy customers sent to us. We appreciate a lot when we get pictures sent to us, or published on social media. it's fantastic to see our jewellery on different and "ordinary" people, it feels more real.

You will never find SALE with us, sometimes we do offer good offers but mostly only for our subscribers to our Newsletter.

We do NOT like phenomenons like Black Friday as we think it creates a consumption hysteria with very negative buying behaviours. Too many purchase things that were not in their planning, to begin with, but trigged in a belief it was a super good deal. Such a waste!

Last year Black Friday, we posted the below pic in our social channels. With us, you can feel safe in knowing what the products cost.

All this together is "slow fashion" and sustainable fashion for us. 

Vi gillar inte REA hysteri som Black Friday. We do NOT like SALE like Black Friday.

Miljövänliga smyckesförpackningar. Sustainable jewellery boxes.


When we developed the packaging for our jewellery, we knew we would use renewable and recycled materials. It also needed to be strong enough to handle transport, but also be a beautiful storage box for your MoM of Sweden jewellery. 

We were so happy to find our sustainable and durable packaging, and they are beautiful! MoM of Sweden's packaging is made in Sweden. 90% of the paper is recycled and produced in Europe.

The boxes are available in two sizes and we use the smaller for the big silver rings, earrings and pendants. The bigger box is used for our bigger jewellery, like the bracelets. You always get a polishing cloth, of course, chemical-free. Read more here how you can polish your silver jewellery using sustainable products you already have at your home. 

Finally, we have found a sustainable e-commerce bag in paper, so no more plastic!

Inga mer e-handelspåsar i plast. No more ecommerce bag in plastic.
Miljövänlig e-handelspåse i papper. Sustainable ecommerce bag in paper.

Finally, we have found an e-commerce bag in sustainable paper, AND it is good looking! It feels good not to send you your silver jewellery in a plastic bag, that's really not sustainable.


Our jewellery is manufactured by two suppliers in India with a long tradition of jewellery making. The artisans are skilled with extensive experience and focus on quality.

We build a long term relationship where we share the same values with a focus on people and the planet. Everyone is working under good and fair conditions, with local sustainability. Off course recycled gold and silver are used and all their gemstones are ethically purchased, conflict-free and fairtrade. For us, it's a true pleasure every day we can spend time together with the skilled smiths.

Though we are mostly shipping our prototypes to our suppliers in order to avoid too much traveling to India. This is working well and most questions can be solved via a WhatsApp call;)


Silver is a very resistant material and will last a lifetime! Your jewellery will age together with you. Scratches may occur, but no worries, they level out and form a beautiful patinated surface. The more you use your silver jewellery, the more beautiful it gets.

We love to have your personal stories why you like your ring, bracelet, earring or any of the other jewellery. On the page "My Favorite", you can see how it looks like when customers have shared their personal favourite piece of jewelry from MoM of Sweden. If you want to share, please contact us! We also appreciate if you would like to give your product review in our webshop. You can also give a review on our Facebook page or on Google!

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