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Breast cancer Foundation - Proud partners

Swedish Breast cancer Foundation - MoM of Sweden is a proud partner!

MoM of Sweden is a proud partner to the Swedish Breast cancer Foundation, the whole year round! 

Good to know is that we support all our MAMA-jewelry and the CLAW collection with rose quartz, during the whole year.


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Ivå stora silverringar med rosenkvarts. Two big silver rings with rose quartz.
Stor silverring i form av ett bröst. A big silver ring
Tre hängen i olika storlekar, A-kupa, B-kupa och C-kupa. Three pendants in various sizes, A-cup, B-cup and C-cup
Ivå stora silverringar med rosenkvarts. Two big silver rings with rose quartz.

What does the Swedish Breast Cancer Foundation do?

Every year, 8000 women and 60 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Thanks to progress in research, 80% are surviving the illness. It's a serious illness that affects not only the person who is ill but also the beloved ones like partners, children, and friends.

The Swedish Breast cancer Foundation is an organization that supports affected individuals and they have the most developed network in Sweden for those who need support and help. No one should be alone fighting. Their vision is that no one should be affected!

This is Malin...

Malin contacted us at the beginning of 2017. Malin had been through surgery to remove one of her breasts due to breast cancer. She had seen the breast ring MAMA  and she wanted the ring to be a symbol to honor the breast she had left. 

Thanks to Malin, we are proud partners to the Swedish Breats Cancer Foundation.

Read her story below.

Malins berättese. Här med MAMA smycken. Malins story, here with MAMA jewelry

Malins story, September 2018

2006 I got my cancer diagnosis the same day as I was going to be toastmaster at my sister's wedding. My daughter was then 8 months and I and Mathias had discussed having a sibling to Mika. Mika is 13 years now and the best daughter ever!

2011 I lose Mathias due to heart failure and it was the worst time I ever had experienced.

2013 I get a reoccurrence of breast cancer. After many treatments, I recover but attend preventive antibody treatments every third week in Lund.

2015 I get the opportunity to join the "Fuck Breast cancer calendar" and I'm so happy that I could contribute to research and meet all those amazing women. My confidence was also strengthened.

2016, Elin is making a tattoo over the scar where I used to have my right breast, a big peony. 10 years have passed and every time I look at that side I think it's so beautiful.

In January 2017, I took the opportunity to remove my left breast, even if it was healthy. During the time before the surgery, I saw the ring MAMA. I thought this ring could be a good symbol for my left breast. I got stuck with the idea and contacted MoM of Sweden and we connected. I got the honor to be photographed for their homepage and I count them as friends today. I'm a proud owner of the MAMA ring and some other of their nice jewelry.

Today I have just completed half of my treatments as they have discovered small metastases in my brain. I went to the doctor due to a migraine and during the ct scan, they saw them. The doctors did not think it was a migraine and I'm so happy they discovered them by chance.

Many people get affected and shocked when I tell the story about me and my family. But time heals, that's the way it is. The scars are still there but the wounds have stopped bleeding. What once felt like a tsunami is not feeling like small waves.

Of all the choices I could have done, I chose to live. Living fully. The way I want. Mathias would have wanted me to do it. Not being bitter. Maybe it is impossible to live a life without being angry and bitter but my choice is not to let those feelings take the biggest space. The biggest space is for love, that's the way it is. For me. The love for my daughter, family, and friends. And the right to be the one I am as long as it does not harm anyone else.

Today I feel so incredibly happy to be "flat". I feel like Malin, not half, nor Malin with scars. And grateful. Grateful that I had the opportunity to experience love with a soulmate, for an incredible family and the best of friends, and that I can stay for another while. The feeling that regardless of when I'm dying I will always think that "I wish I could get to know what happened later"!

Malin's story continues, September 2019

It's about one year since I went through the radiation treatment for my metastasis in my brain. One month later they told me that all of them were gone. 

I continue with my antibody formation every third week. Soon time for my 100ed and then I will offer my nurses a cake:)

I work at about 75% at the moment. The Swedish Social Insurance continues questioning me why I cannot work 100% and this is creating enormous stress for me. I have a hard time understanding that I have survived. I feel like I'm in a bubble and that I have to be grateful to have survived.

I live by the day and I'm so incredibly fascinated by my daughter that turns 14 tomorrow. I think it's hard to dream about the future. I know the day will come when I have to say goodbye. It's hard to live with this thought even if I try to work mentally to have more positive thoughts. Right now I'm in such a low phase and my brain cannot really cope. Too much work and too much Swedish Social Insurance. I've just been away for holiday and I know I should feel happy, but don't have the energy.

I'm sure that I'm not alone in feeling this and it feels good to share. Don't take me wrong, my life is still filled with wonderful meetings and I do feel grateful. There will be better days, I'm sure but sometimes it is. Though.

Malin's story continues, 30 August 2021

Just read through what I wrote here 2 years ago and cannot stop thinking of how much brighter my life is. Again. Medically I'm fine, I do have some side effects of the radiation of my brain, with taste and texture sensitivity, and the muscles on my skull feel a bit tight and the short-term memory is not what it used to be. it could also be the age😉

I continue with the antiestrogen therapy as well as the antibodies treatment every third week. I've had this diagnosis for 15 (!) years now and I start to think that I might be able to be retired 😊 Just right now, life is fantastic. My close family is fine and is healthy and I'm engaged with the most wonderful man I ever have met. We have known each other for 5-6 years and we have been talking honestly and confidently so already from the start of our journey as a couple, it has been a lot of respect, love, humbleness, and new learnings. I'm so happy we became a couple as I had given up the thought of meeting someone again. The offer out there was not impressive and I did not think my body worked as I wanted. And there he was, right in front of me!

I feel blessed to be part of life and it's like a carousel of light and dark, ups and downs and I often think of how privileged and grateful I am for both the small and the big in life.

Malin Olsson

Which day is your SqeezeDay?

One can do a lot of oneself and it's important to do the mammography examination regularly as well as do the self-examination regularly. Knowledge can save lives and the self-examinations have proven to be important for early discovery of the illness. The Breast Cancer Foundation has developed an app that is easy to follow how to do it as well as sending you reminders once a month. Which day will be your examination day? 

Download the app here, also available in English.

Missa inte klämdagen, Bröstcancerförbundet.