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Rings - Big unique silverrings

Stor silverring med svart onyx, svart som lakrits. Big silverring with black onyx, black as licorices
Stor svart ring med svart onyx. Big silver ring with black onyx.
Stor silverring med oxiderade kupor, matchande örhängen. Big silver ring with oxidised cups, matching earrings.
Stor mammaring i silver. Big mama ring in silver.

Big, bold and unique silver rings with a lot of attitudes!

Unique silver rings to wear every day and to love for life.

Unique design with beautiful precious big stones, like rose quartz, crystal quartz, smokey quartz, onyx, labradorite, and tiger eye.

Inspired by architecture, meeting people and nature, often with soft organic shapes. Significant for MoM of Sweden are the big rings!

Hand med två stora silverringar med onyx. Hand with two big silver rings with onyx
Två stora silverringar med rosenkvarts. Two big silver rings with rose quartz
Hand med slät silverring på tummen. Hand with a silver ring on the thumb.
Stor oxiderad silverring. Big oxidised silver ring

Good to know when you buy a bigger and heavier ring

We spend a lot of time designing the rings so they are comfortable to wear. The base of our rings is usually a bit wider so it could be that you need a bit bigger size than you normally have. It's important that you have a size that fits you perfectly, and preferably a bit tight, otherwise, the ring can "slide" on your finger and that is not comfortable.

If you're not sure of your size, please check our Size guide.

Quite often women tell me that they don't feel comfortable wearing a big ring. That could be a matter of habit and a lot of customers contact us again to say that they love their new big ring. But it could take up to a week to get used to it.

Silver rings don't cost a fortune so you can easily spoil yourself to own a few to change between, it works to everything and to all occasions.

Both men and women can wear our rings, they are unisex, and of course, we have big ring sizes as well, even up to size 21,5. If you want bigger rings, please contact us. You can order and it will take 6-8 weeks.

Silver rings for bigger knuckle joints!

I often meet women who have big problems finding rings due to enlarged finger joints knuckles. The most common reason for this is Rheumatoid arthritis or the more common arthritis called osteoarthritis.

The rings you usually could wear does not work anymore as you cannot get them over the finger joints. Many women feel sad not being able to use rings anymore due to this issue.

It is even more difficult if you want to use bigger and heavier rings and they need to sit tight, as they otherwise will slide back and forward on your fingers. 

We have found a solution for this issue.

We have a few models of bigger silver rings that are designed to go over the enlarged finger joint, our own smart design but we have not been good talking about it. See the models below.

With our smart design you need to know the technic how to put them over your finger joint, so it sits tight.

See the step guide below to the left. To the right you can see the concerned models.

Further down the page you can also see a short video instruction.

Silver rings that works for finger with bigger finger joints
Silver rings with unique design that works for finger with bigger finger joints

Do you have a ring that is too big?

Do you have rings in the drawer that are too big for you? A good tip is to use a "lock ring" above the ring that is too big. We have a beautiful plain silverring, RING RING. Off course you can use it as it is, but it is also perfect as a "lock ring"! Select your normal size so it sits a bit tight above and that is enough to hold your ring which is too tight. RING RING is beautiful in combination with other rings and works on all fingers, even as a thumb ring. Many people use it as a wedding and engage ring. RING RING exists in many sizes, small as well as big and the ring is made in solid silver.

Släta och helt runda silverringar i många storlekar. This silver rings in many sizes.
En slät rund silverring på tummen, tumring. A Thin silver ring on the thumb.
Man och kvinna med samma släta förlovningsringar. Man and woman with the same engagement rings in silver
Tre släta runda silverringar tillsammans. Three silver rings together


Our idea with the MoM of Sweden jewelry is that you can mix and match even if it's not a set. We think the style and look on our jewelry match and combines well together.

If you like big rings and like to have set, check out the CLAW collection! Exists with big rings, various earrings, and bracelets in the same collection.

CLAW exists with four various stones; the light pink rose quartz, crystal quartz, onyx, and the smokey quartz. Read more about the meaning of the stones HERE:

I hope you have a favorite!

Matchande smyckes-set med rosenkvarts. Matching jewellery set with rose quartz
Matchande smyckes-set med bergskristall. Matching jewellery set with crystal quartz
Matchande smyckes-set med onyx. Matching jewellery set with onyx
Matchande smyckes-set med rökkvarts. Matching jewellery set with smokey quartz

Händer med stora ringar med stora stenar. Hands with big rings with big stones