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Timeless and classic earrings always work. 

A pair of earrings is good for every day of the week.

Many like to wear matching jewelry-sets, we have CLAW collection that is perfect for you, see pic above or read more here. 

We have designed a very special pair of earrings, BODY. It is really a body for various pendants that you easily can hang on for a quick change. You can also have BODY on its own, a true earring for every day. Smart and beautiful! Read more here.

When we have designed MoM of Sweden earrings, we always think about the weight. Earrings can never be too heavy to weigh down the earlobe. We also send all our earrings with a bigger backing that is deploying the weight so it does not weigh down the hole in your earlobe, see more below.

A bigger earring back, how a small thing can make a big impact!

There are various earring backings and the most common one is the smaller version and is used in most earrings. The smaller versions work really good for smaller and lighter earrings and keep the earring in place. We use them as well for our smaller earrings.

But for the heavier and bigger earrings, we recommend the bigger version of earring backings that can hold the weight so the earrings do not tip forward, so much better don't you think? The backings also prevent the holes to be stretched out.

When you purchase our bigger earrings, you always get the bigger earring backings included.

Below to the left, you can see how the earrings are positioned with the bigger backings, and to the right with the smaller backings, a big difference, don't you think?

Silverörhängen med olika varianter av snurrebus. Silver earrings with various backings.
Olika varianter av snurrebus. Various backings for earrings

SISTER earrings, a tribute to sisterhood.

närbild på silverörhängen med olika design. close up with several silver earrings with various designs.