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Bracelets with variation

Två silverarmband, en vacker kombination av ett ledat och ett stelt armband. Two silver bracelets together, a beautiful combination.
Två stora silverarmband med mjuka 70-talsformer. Two big silver bracelet with soft shapes, inspired by the 70s.

A silver bracelet for every day of the week!

I just love to wear a silver bracelet! A good example is EVERYDAY, a solid silver bracelet I made 26 years ago. It's timeless and I have been wearing it every day since, hence the name. The bracelet has a lovely weight, easy to carry and age beautifully. Easy to mix with other bracelets, fits everything and to everyone. The bracelet exists in three various sizes as many men like it as well, so it's unisex.

We also have a super-smart bracelet, SHORT LINK, a beautiful bracelet with circles in various sizes that you can use to extend the necklace LONG LINK, or create your own shapes, smart!

BONE, the in the range, also with lovely weight and unique design. Great to wear together with EVERYDAY bracelet.

We have various of design to choose from! Bigger and more eye-catching bracelets are POP or LOOP silver bracelets, both with soft shapes and inspired by the 60 and 70's cool design.

If you like a more raw look, then WALKOVER and WAVE are perfect for you, the mix of leather and silver is beautiful. The leather is naturally tanned of course!

Hope you like any of our bracelets!

Två armband med läder, svart eller brunt med häftig silverlänk. Two bracelets with leather bracelets, brown or black and a silver detail.