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CLAW Collection, a unique jewellery collection

Smyckes-set med rosenkvarts. Jewellery set with rose quartz
Smyckes-set med rökkvarts. Jewellery set with smokey quartz
Smyckes-set med bergskristall. Jewellery set with crystal quartz
Smyckes-set med svart onyx. Jewellery set with onyx

For you who like to have matching jewelry!

If you like to wear jewelry sets and match them with the same style of rings and earrings, CLAW is perfect for you! 

CLAW collection exists with four various stones; rose quartz, smokey quartz, crystal quartz, and onyx. The first three stones are polished with facets so the color and inner structure of the stone are visible, they shine beautifully in the light. The onyx is a polished mat so the stone looks like licorice. The onyx stone is also loose to play with!

Please note that the stones are natural and can, therefore, differ slightly in colors, especially the rose quartz and the smokey quartz, from lighter nuances to darker.

It is the perfect Christmas present or birthday present as you can start with one piece of jewelry and add another piece at a later occasion. 

The big and beautiful TUX bracelet is a good match for the CLAW collection, don't you think?

CLAW with rose quartz, jewelry that makes a difference! 

MoM of Sweden is supporting the Swedish Breast cancer Foundation- Bröstcancerförbundet, not only during the month of October but throughout the year. When you buy CLAW jewelry with rose quartz, we donate for each piece of jewelry sold. Read more about our cooperation here. If you want to know how much we donate for each piece of jewelry, see the product pages.

All precious stones or semi-precious stones have different characteristics and meanings, you can read more about them on the page About stones.

Smyckesset i silver med rosenkvarts. Jewelry set in silver with rose quartz.
Silverringar med rosenkvarts i olika nyanser. Silver rings with rose quartz in various nuances.

Silverringar med rosenkvarts i olika nyanser. silver rings with rose quartz in various pink nuances

Here is CLAW with rose quartz were you can see the natural variations of pink nuances that add value to the look.

Smyckesset i silver med bergskristall. Jewelry set in silver with crystal quartz.
Stor Silverring med bergskristall. Big silver ring with crystal quartz.
Två silverringar, en med rosenkvarts och en med bergskristall. Two silver rings, one with rose quartz and one with crystal quartz.
Två silverringar med bergskristall. Two silver rings with crystal quartz.

Herewith crystal quartz. The stones sparkle beautifully in the sunlight, just as a disco ball!

Smyckesset i silver med rökkvarts. Jewelry set in silver with smokey quartz.
Smyckesset i silver med rökkvarts. Jewelry set in silver with smokey quartz.
Två silverringar med rökkvarts i olika nyanser. Two silver rings with smokey quartz in various nuances
Silverring och armband med rökkvarts. Silver ring and bracelet with smokey quartz.

Here is CLAW jewelry set with smokey quartz. It can also have the natural variations of nuances, just like the rose quartz. The smokey quartz can shift from light brown to dark brown.

Smyckesset i silver med onyx. Jewelry set in silver with onyx.
Silverörhängen med mattslipad onyx. Silver earrings with mat polished onyx.
Silverring och örhänge med svart onyx. Silver ring and earring with black onyx
Silverring med svart onyx. Silver ring with black onyx.

Here is CLAW jewelry set with black onyx. The onyx is not polished with facets like the other three CLAW variations, it's mat polished and looks like licorice. The stone in the ring is loose so you can play with it, perfect as a stress ring:)