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Natural gemstones

Silversmycken med naturliga ädelstenar. Silver jewelry with natural stones.

We love big silver rings with big stones!

These magical, mystical, fascinating things from the earth's core are in the shape of gemstones, crystals, and minerals. Humans have used stones for thousands of years to protect, heal, strengthen, cleanse and attract. They have been used in jewelry, placed on altars, held close to the heart or in the hand, a singular stone or several together, or carved into sculptures to worship. 

Since ancient times, mankind has believed in the inner power of stones and their capability to heal illnesses and take away evil spirits. The oldest crystal amulet is about 20,000 years old and the oldest jewelry found dates back 100.000 years!

MoM of Sweden uses stones in our jewelry to wear and enrich both our regular days and spectacular events. We buy our selected stones in Jaipur in India, a true hub for trade with any and all gemstones, and this is also where our jewelry is produced by highly skilled silversmiths. 

We want to emphasize that we only use natural stones with their natural color, and not dyed stones as their color can fade over time. Natural stones vary in their color, especially rose quartz, smokey quartz, and labradorite. We think this is so beautiful that they all are different.

Read about our selected stones below. Which one attracts you the most? And remember, you don't have to pick just one...

Read more about our stones below;

  • Rosequartz
  • Onyx
  • Smokey quartz
  • Crystal quartz
  • Labradorite
  • Tiger eye
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Aquamarine
  • Chalcedony
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Grey moonstone
  • Prehnite

Rose quartz

Naturlig oslipad rosenkvarts. Natural unpolished rose quartz.
Silversmycken med rosenkvarts. Silver jewellery with rose quartz

This is a pink quartz crystal symbolizing love, kindness, and empathy. Legend says that the Roman God of Love, Cupid, gave Rose quartz as a gift to Earth to spread love, passion, and happiness to all. The softly pink crystal has been used for thousands of years to bring love, calmness, and harmony both toward others, as well as for ourselves. It is also believed to protect its wearer against disappointments and pain and to have a healing capacity to inspire us to self-love. Perhaps we all have a tendency to be hard on ourselves.. Rose quartz reminds us of the power of love both for ourselves and those around us.
Rose quartz is mined for example in the US and Brazil - but can also be found in the Swedish county of Härjedalen. Who could have guessed?

Exists in various pink colors, so all stones are different. Our rose quartz is polished to be shiny and cut with facets which allows you to see all the different nuances and the inner structure. Rose quartz has inner cracks and those stones we love the most reflect the light very beautifully.

To read more about the silver ring CLAW, with big rose quartz, see here.


Stora silverringar med svart onyx. Big silver rings with black onyx
Stor ring med härligt svart onyx. Big ring with gorgeous black onyx

The Queen of Black. Black Magic. Black as licorice. This beloved stone and its color apparently have many nicknames. Onyx is a black gemstone and its name stems from the Greek word for nail or claw. According to the legend, the onyx was created when Amor cut Venus's nails while she was sleeping. The nails were spread out on the ground and as no part from a goddess can die, the nails were transformed to onyx. That's why we named CLAW family as the stone is protected and embraced by a claw.

It is believed to protect and care for harmonious relationships since it absorbs and transforms negative energy. Onyx can be used to support emotional strength and perseverance, especially during times of stress, anxiety, and sorrow, and can be worn as protection against negative energy. It resembles the stillness of dark nights, when we rest peacefully, gathering strength. Onyx is believed to be one of the most powerful protective stones. It has been used for thousands of years and is often mentioned in tales of the Roman Empire, ancient Egypt, and Greece.

Onyx also belongs to the quartz family and consists of the mineral chalcedony. The stone comes in generally from South America bat exists also in India.

Onyx is mostly used highly polished in jewelry, but we also use it mat polished so it looks like licorice. Read more about the silver ring CLAW with a big Onyx here.

Smokey quartz

Silversmycken med rökkvarts. Silver jewellery with smokey quartz
Naturlig rökkvarts. Natural smokey quartz

This crystallized quartz is transparent with various shades of smoky brown almost down to black which is called Morion. The color is said to stem from underground radiation from granite, which is claimed to add to this stone the capacity to attract negative energies. Smoky quartz is often used for its grounding ability, so if you often lose your focus and allow your mind to drift, then smoky quartz is the stone for you. And if you have a hard time letting go of old feelings and experiences, or if you're stuck, Smoky quartz is believed to cleanse doubt, negativity, and confusion from our minds in order for us to let go of "old emotional baggage" and place our focus on becoming stronger and prouder. Smoky quartz is the national gemstone of Scotland, and this brown variant is called Cairngorm, which also is the name of the mountains where it was discovered.
Smoky quartz can be found also in for instance Africa, Australia, and the US.

It’s a beautiful stone and we polish the stones to be shiny and cut with facets that allow you to see all the different nuances and the inner structure.

Read more about the CLAW ring with big smokey quartz here.

Crystal quartz

Naturlig bergskristall
Silversmycken med bergskristall. Silver jewellery with crystal quartz

The Greek word "krystallos" means ice, and the story goes that when rock crystal was found it was believed to be water permanently frozen into ice. Rock crystal is often called a universal healing crystal and is believed to have the capacity to cleanse us from confusing thoughts, sharpen our minds and strengthen our memory. When we're not sure of what we want, or when we can't make up our minds, Rock crystal can help us see more clearly. It is also said to enhance what we focus on, and for sure we can use some help to first cleanse our mind from negative thoughts. Rock crystal is also believed to sharpen our intuition and expand our imagination, and it is used to balance the body. It is also said to have the capacity to strengthen and enhance the powers of other crystals and gemstones. Now, who doesn't like to mix and match different stones?

Rock crystal is mined in for instance Brazil and the US, and smaller deposits can be found in northern Sweden.

We use it polished to be shiny and cut with facets and it sparkles beautifully with light and looks like ice. Below natural crystal quartz, unpolished.

Read more about the silver ring CLAW with big quartz stone here.


Stor silverring med labradorit. Big silver ring with labradorite
Olika färgtoner av labradorit. Vaious colors of labradorite

This mesmerizing stone that shimmers and radiates different shades of blue and green was discovered in the area Labrador in Canada. According to Innuit lore, Labradorite fell to the Earth from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern lights. This stone has coined the term "Labradorescence" due to its magical and spell-binding iridescent play with colors. Labradorite is believed to protect us from negativity, anxiety, and concerns. It can calm a troubled and restless mind, and stimulate our imagination so we dare to believe in ourselves, dream big, and create change. Looking at a Labradorite with its fascinating flash of colors reminds us to embrace the magic in ourselves and in the world. Isn't it breathtaking to also remember that we, too, are made of stardust... 

Labradorite is feldspar and can be found, besides Canada, in for instance Madagascar, Russia, and Norway.

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Tiger eye

Silversmycken med tigeröga. Silver jewellery with tiger eye
Stor silverring med tigeröga. Silver jewellery with tiger eye

If you need an extra boost of courage, or if you want to access your inner strength when life feels like a storm, then Tiger's eye may be the stone for you. This gleaming stone's beautiful layers of brown and gold resemble the fascinating stripes of a tiger. The myths and legends about Tiger's eye are numerous and tell stories of how this stone has protected against evil, and how the Roman warriors wore Tiger's eye as an inner shield to embolden and encourage themselves. In ancient Egypt, Tiger's eye was believed to offer protection as a gift from both the sun's gold and the earth's soil. In the right light, a cat's eye can be seen in the stone, and it is said that this stone is the wearer's eye that sees everything and knows everything. That its power inspires the wearer to assemble the courage to follow their dream. What is your dream? Perhaps a piece of jewelry with a Tiger's eye will inspire you to make the leap...
Tiger's eye is mainly found in South Africa, but also in instance Australia, Brazil, and the US.

Read more about the big silver ring US with Tiger's eye with various sizes of stones and shades of brown.

Lapis Lazuli

Silverringar med lapis lazuli. Silverringar med lapis lazuli
silversmycken med lapis lazuli. Silver jewellery with lapis lazuli

Blue, more blue, lively blue. Blue as the sea. Blue as the sky. Lapis Lazuli means blue stone, or celestial stone, its name is a combination of Latin and Arabic. This intensely blue stone has been worshiped by humans since ancient times, to both embellish and protect the wearer. Lapis Lazuli is believed to help the wearer get in touch with their inner consciousness and wisdom, and to understand their own thoughts. It also brings power and courage to fully take control of one's own life. The stone is also a true symbol for Ancient Egypt. King Tutankhamen's sarcophagus and burial mask are richly inlaid with Lapis Lazuli, and ground "celestial stones" were used as the intensely blue eyeshadow we, perhaps more than anything, associate with Cleopatra. Maybe this dazzling blue stone is right also for you?
Lapis Lazuli has mined in, for instance, Afghanistan, Italy, Russia, and Chile.


Silverringar med akvamarin. Silverringar med aquamarine.
Silversmycken med akvamarin. Silver jewellery with aqua marine.

Aquamarine with its light, fascinating sea green color - aqua means water, marine means from the sea - is according to legend the treasure of mermaids, and is believed to symbolize the courage to go with the flow. To surf the wave to reach closure, leave stress and concerns behind, and open ourselves for new insights. To dare to follow the impulse at the moment to see what awaits us around the corner. It is said to wash away anxiety and fear, and make space for peace and serenity. Aquamarine is believed to support our wisdom and create clarity of mind. It is also believed to open our hearts to speak authentically and to invite courage to solve conflicts and disputes. Now, who doesn't want to wear an Aquamarine or two?
Aquamarine is first mentioned in ancient Greece and is mined in for instance the US, Brazil, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.


Silversmycken med kalcedon. Silver jewellery with calcedony.
Silversmycken med kalcedon. Silver jewellery with calcedony.

This light blue, semi-transparent stone, whose name originates from findings in the ancient Greek city Chalcedon, today part of Istanbul, has been used for millennia in numerous ways. Partly as carved seal stamps since wax doesn't adhere to the stone's surface, partly as tools, and partly as jewelry and pearls - but perhaps mostly it has been used for healing. Chalcedony is believed to be nurturing through its cleansing abilities, the attracting and dissolving of negative and unwanted energy, and instead of transmitting goodwill, spontaneity, happiness, and sisterhood. The myth also tells that Chalcedony ground to powder, enchanted with a simple spell, was added to alcoholic drinks to prevent drunkenness. Well, that's not exactly something we recommend trying. We believe Chalcedony is most beautiful as jewelry to wear with pride and happiness.
Chalcedony is mined in for instance India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Italy.

Rainbow moonstone

Silversmycken med regnbågsmånsten. Silver jewellery with rainbow moonstone
Silversmycken med regnbågsmånsten. Silver jewellery with rainbow moonstone

This brightly shimmering stone which appears to be glowing from within, is actually white labradorite, radiating a wide spectrum of colors, just like the rainbow. It is called a moonstone since it resembles the moon's tender glow. And it is as mesmerizing as the moon. Rainbow moonstone is said to be calming and create harmony, balance, and hope, whilst strengthening our ability to believe in ourselves and our creativity. It is also believed to sharpen our intuition and open our minds to noticing that which is not immediately obvious. Rainbow moonstones can also help us maintain mental clarity to allow thoughts and energy to flow freely, so we can take on new challenges and possibilities as they show up. It is also said that this stone can be charged with new energy by placing it in the glow of a full moon...
Rainbow moonstone is mined in for instance Madagascar, India, Mexico, and Australia.

Grey moonstone

Silversmycken med grå månsten. Silver jewellery with grey moonstone
Silversmycken med grå månsten. Silver jewellery with grey moonstone

In India, Grey moonstone has always been regarded as a divine stone, and Indian legend tells that since the beginning of time, a Grey moonstone has been placed on the Hindu "god of the moon" Chandra's forehead. Grey moonstone is often almost transparent with a deep shine that catches the eye. This stone is believed to help us get in touch with emotions we may have switched off in order to cope with everyday life. But it also protects us and is thought to help us take on those emotions in a healthy way. Grey moonstone is a stone for emotional new beginnings and restarts, to calm our fears and anxieties, and let love and empathy grow and develop at their own pace. It is also believed to inspire both happiness and wisdom, and surely we cannot have too much of that...
Grey Moonstone is mined in for instance India, Myanmar, Australia, and Armenia.


This unique and gorgeously green stone, which looks like a freshly peeled grape, is said to bring unconditional love and healing. Who wouldn’t want one of those? Prehnite was first discovered on the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, so perhaps it's no surprise it is believed to symbolize hope and healing. If you find yourself a bit down and sad, not knowing what’s wrong, Prehnite can help you understand. Once you’ve gained that insight, Prehnite may help clear out problems and old sorrows, bringing new clarity and a light heart. It helps us live in harmony with nature, and is believed to guide us to new insights about ourselves and the world around us. It is also said to provide calm and protection in a troubled environment, as a carrier of peace and serenity.

Prehnite is mined in for instance South Africa, Australia, China, Scotland, and the US. 

Natural stones

We use precious stones like onyx, rose quartz, crystal quartz, Tiger's Eye, labradorite, smokey quartz, aquamarine, chalcedony, rainbow moonstone, lapis lazuli, and grey moonstone. These stones used to be called semi-precious stones which is a commercial term invented by the industry to separate diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires from the rest. Luckily the term semi-precious is used less today and these stones could sometimes have a higher value than the "precious", there is a high demand on the market. There are no such categorizations between the precious and semi-precious and as well gemologists and geologists agree that all the stones should have the common name precious stones. see Wikipedia. Sometimes the value of the semi-precious stone is higher than a precious stone due to dispersion, gloss, and refractive index. All stones are different, even within the same type and no one is the same. Regardless of what name is being used, all stones are minerals and they're all beautiful!