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HOLI Collection

En fin mix med ringar av rosenkvarts, grå månsten och regnbågsmånsten.
En fin mix av onyx, grå månsten och regnbågsmånsten
Härliga silverringar med kalcedon, rosenkvarts, akvamarin och regnbågsmånsten

HOLI Collection - For you who like color and beautiful stones!

The HOLI collection is a colorful addition to MoM of Sweden with its different expressions. A lovely mix of Scandinavian minimalism, the happiness, and colors of India. It's for you who like colors but it works for you as well who like some softer pastels. The thought is for you to mix and match to create your own personal combinations.

It's the perfect jewelry to give as a present as it is possible to add more pieces in various stones/ colors for more mix and match.

The range consists of a mix of various product types; bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, all in sterling silver of course.

All the product types exist with ten various precious stones; rose quartz, prehnite, tiger eye, onyx, chalcedony, labradorite, aquamarine, grey moonstone, rainbow moonstone, and lapis lazuli. 

Note that the stones are natural and can, therefore, differ slightly in colors, especially the labradorite that has a variation from green, turquoise and blue.

Even the price differs and that is due to the different values of the different stones.

Read more about the Holi celebration and see all the various stones below.

The thought is for you to mix and match to create your own personal look!

Read more about the stones HERE

The inspiration for the HOLI collection is the Indian Holi festival, also called the spring or color festival. It starts with the full moon that occurs between mid-February and mid-march. The first day of Holi celebrates by lighting a bonfire that symbolizes the burn of Holika. The second day is celebrated by people throwing color and water at each other.

The Holi festival is symbolized in the HOLI collection by the various nine stones in two color palettes; soft pastels for spring-summer and some darker colors for autumn-winter.

Mix and match your own personal look!