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Pendant MAMA Medium (B cup)

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A tribute to all women

The first time I did this breast was over 25 years ago when I got four children in five years, it was the ring MAMA. It was a lot of focus on breasts and breastfeeding and I wanted to honor my breasts as a symbol of giving life, including creating a powerful female symbol. 

After a few years, I created the big MAMA pendant, or the hanging breast, (for explanatory reasons). This is the bigger breast, so-called the C cup. As one size does not fit all, we have the smaller hanging breast as well, the B cup. ROUND LINK is a perfect silver chain for the pendant.

See the complete MAMA family here.

At the beginning of 2017, we were contacted by Malin that had been through treatment for breast cancer. She had removed one breast and she was waiting for another operation to remove her second healthy breast. She wanted to buy a MAMA ring as a symbol for that breast. Please read Malin's story.

Then I realized that the breast ring I had made for over 25 years ago as a symbol for life also take lives. 

That was the start of a collaboration with the Swedish breast cancer foundation, so today we are proud partners.

MoM of Sweden are supporting the Swedish Breast cancer Foundation- Bröstcancerförbundet, not only during the month of October but throughout the year. When you buy the MAMA medium pendant, we donate 100 SEK. 

Every year, about 7600 women the diagnose. Due to fantastic progress within research, 80% survives. It's a serious illness and it affects not only the person who is sick but also a partner, children, family, and friends. 

MoM of Sweden är stolt partner med Bröstcancerförbundet.

Sterling silver

Medium Ø 23mm

Vikt ca 9 g 

Love and Care

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