Ring CLAW with Smokey Quartz

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Big silver ring with smokey quartz

A big, unique and eye-catching silver ring and the claw embrace and protect the stone, here with smokey quartz. The smokey quartz exists in various brown nuances, from light to dark brown, almost black which is called Morion. It's a very beautiful stone and we have done the polishing with facets, you can see the inner structure and it shines and sparkles very nicely in the light. See the video below.

It exists in another three stones: rose quartz, onyx, and quartz. 

Smokey quartz brings joy for life and also creativity. It's good against depressions and gives clarity and happy thoughts. Read more about the meaning of smokey quartz here.

Sterling silver 925

Width of ring rail; 7mm (Due to the ring rail being considerable wide, please add half a size)

Stone Ø 15mm

Weight ca 13g

Love and care 

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