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Ring US with Labradorite

  • 2 900 kr

BIG and beautiful! Here with labradorite. All stones are different.

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Big silver ring with labradorite, a cocktail ring

A big silver ring with labradorite.

So lovely with big rings, here with Labradorite! Labradorite is a wonderful stone and it shifts in many nuances of grey, green, and blue, see the video below to see the various colors. This mesmerizing stone that shimmers and radiates different shades of blue and green was discovered in the area Labrador in Canada. According to Innuit lore, Labradorite fell to the Earth from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern lights. Looking at a Labradorite with its fascinating flash of colors reminds us to embrace the magic in ourselves and in the world. Isn't it breathtaking to also remember that we, too, are made of more about the labradorite.

All stones are different in shape and size, just like us people! Despite our differences, we like to be together- US! The perfect ring for the party, and it's eye-catching! Despite the size, it is very comfortable to wear.

The design of this ring allows you to wear the ring, though you have enlarged finger joints. The ring band is softly curved, so the ring can pass your knuckle if you twist it a bit. Our own smart design. Read more in the blogg. See both photo and a video below that describes the technique using another ring. 

Due to the ring rail having a generous design, please take a half size smaller than usual.

Please note that you do not need to have a bigger finger joint to be able to wear the ring.

Silverring för stora knogar och fingerleder. Big silver ring for bigger finger knuckles

The Labradorite raises your awareness and vitalizes your fantasy and creativity, you'll get a lot of ideas! It is a very good friend through change and transformation and protects you against negative energies. Read more about the Labradorite stone here

It's also available with black onyx or brown tiger eye, so hard to choose!

Sterling silver

Width of ring rail; 5,5mm Due to the ring rail having a generous design, please take a half size smaller than usual.

Ø approx. 42mm

Weight approx. 28g

Love and Care

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